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TidytheGarden is dedicated to sharing the essentials of gardening. We are always looking for extensive, detailed and informative articles of the highest quality to provide our readers with valuable gardening tips and advice.

Quick Guideline

  • The article should be a Word Document.
  • The article must be at least 1000 words long.
  • Please include the images in the word document. Do ensure that you obtain the permission to use the images. 
  • The article must be original content. We will check for plagiarism.
  • Please do include a short bio (100-200 words) to accompany your piece of writing.
  • The article can include 1 link in the bio section.

You can get a good idea of what we’re looking for based on what we’ve published already. If you’re not sure whether your idea is suitable, just send some topics to dan@tidythegarden.com, along with a few examples of your work - we can always discuss other ideas with you!

Paid Advertisement Guest Post

This is for companies that sell gardening-related services and merchandise. You can write a gardening-related post about a previously agreed upon topic and advertise for your product through the post. If this is of interest to you, email us at dan@tidythegarden.com with some ideas on what you would like to write about and rate of payment.

Guest Post Exchange

This option is for our fellow bloggers who would like to write for us and in return, have us write for them. This is simply meant to be a way in which we can connect with each other and gain exposure to a broader range of people in the gardening community!

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