What Animal Eats Hosta? Things that You Should Know About

For garden enthusiasts, it is important to know about Hosta and what animal eats Hosta. I came across this plant a few years ago and it has always fascinated me. This plant works well under the exposure of the sun and even under the shade.

Since the leaves are large and bursting with vibrant colors, it is an ideal choice to plant in the garden, but at the same time, a lot of animals are attracted to it. That being said, this article aims to share to you some of the animals that love to eat the hosta plants.

What Animal Eats Hosta?

1. Deer

One of the most widely known hosta eater is the deer. If you are living in an area where deer population is large, protecting your hosta might be easier said than done.

It might come as a surprise for you but the deer is a common prey. It can eat the whole plant in just a span of minutes. To protect your plant, you might need to install fences to secure your yard.

Another preventive measure is by using deer repellent sprays. You can spray it on the leaves of the hosta plant. A bitter taste will affect the deer, but it will not harm or kill your plant. On a side note, don’t spray the repellent during rainy season because it is not waterproof. Apply it when the sun is up and the weather is dry.

2. Snails and Slugs

Besides the deer, snails and slugs are added to my list of hosta eaters. Even though they are nocturnal pests, the snails and the slugs love to devour the hosta plant. To ensure that your hosta plants live long, you can protect it by removing the pests off by hands or trapping the animals.

Besides that, you can implement beer traps that will attract the slugs or the snails. Then their attention towards the hosta plant is diverted towards the beer trap. You can also buy chemical-based traps which are sold in most home improvement stalls.

3. Rabbits

​Surprising as it may seem, rabbits are also attracted to eating hosta plants. I was surprised when I first watched a rabbit eating my hosta plant. I tried to shove it away from my plant, but it keeps on coming back.

That’s the time that I realized that my hosta plant is drawing the rabbit to my garden. Because of that, I came to a conclusion that the rabbits want to eat the hosta plant during the spring season because I often see them ravaging my garden in the early months of spring.

To protect my plant, I installed a fence to deter the rabbits away, but was devastated when the rabbits just made a borough instead. To further secure my plant, I applied chemical-based solution to discourage them from eating my hosta plant.

4. Squirrels, Rats and Other Small Rodents

Besides rabbits, small rodents will also cause you to worry. These small creatures are known as hosta plant eaters. These animals will not only eat the leaves of your hosta plant, but it will even devour the roots as well.

Some of my friends who love gardening have reported that their hosta plant died due to the roots being eaten by the small rodents. The voles are the ones chewing the hosta roots, and ultimately kills the hosta plant.

To protect your garden and your hosta plant, you can try to buy a reliable fabric enclosure which is heavy duty so that it will keep the rodents away from your hosta plant.

Additional Tips

Protecting your garden requires you to know the essential things, even the smallest details regarding your plants and everything else that is found in your garden. To protect your garden and your crops, here are some of the additional tips that you should know about.

Learn about your plant​

It is important to know more about the plants that are found in your garden and the potential prey that are attracted to it. For instance, knowing about the hosta plants and the animals that eat them is one of the ways to protecting them.

If I hadn’t known that rabbits are fond of eating the hosta plant, I may never know the reason why plant is dying. Also, since knowing about the potential prey protects your plants and your garden, it is also one of the means to save money and resources.

Implement countermeasures by securing your yard

Prevention is always better than cure. It is a saying that rings true for me as well. I have been a gardener for as long as I can remember and I came to realize over time how important preventive measures are. Wired fence and chemical-based substances are effective measures to ensure the protection of your hosta plants.


I hope that this article has provided you some of the important factors and details regarding the animals that eat the hosta plants as well as the countermeasures to deter these animals from killing off your plant.

If you have any additional information regarding hosta plants and the animals that are fond of eating it, please leave a comment below.

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