Trugreen vs Scotts: Why The Merger is More Than Necessary?

If you happen to be searching for a firm to finally manage your lawn, you might have come across the dilemma of choosing between Trugreen vs Scotts.

These companies are already flourishing right across the U.S. soil, but few homeowners are still next to clueless as to which one ticks all their boxes.

However, a few initiated ones already know about the merging of these lawn service companies. So, just what exactly would you be reaping from the Scotts and Trugreen merger? Today, we’ll look into discussing these details in more depth.

Ultimately, this post aspires to ward consumers off from further confusion in knowing which service provider by laying out their respective offerings.

And as an avid homeowner, you all have the right to know your money’s worth when you finally get to hire these two and I, for one, second this notion immensely. Let’s get started:

The Scotts Lawn Service Premier Offerings

Even right before the eventual merger, Scotts was already a household name in terms of lawn service. Certainly one of North America’s premier lawn care companies, Scotts was also a huge force on manufacturing lawn products.

The firm was also recognized for its use of an array of hefty tools and equipment from spreaders to trucks right when they begin to service your lawn. Albeit more on the pricier side, the company is well-regarded for its excellent results.

The Scotts Lawn service was able to amass a huge following from consumers. Garnering a record-setting revenue of $289 million, there is no doubt that the company was doing really well before the merger.

During this time, the company was also able to provide free lawn services which focused on analysis to both interested parties from business and homeowners.

The company was also noted for allowing its consumers devise their very own lawn care regimen, enabling them to get what they truly planned for.

Among the lawn products that were distributed at this time were weed control and grass seeds right along with some lawn accessories and tools.

The Scotts Lawn Care Program

Here are six benefits you’d get if you get under Scott’s Lawn Care Program:

  • 1. The prevention and annihilation of weeds – comes with two steps, namely the applications of specialized lawn food. The first one is the application of Crabgrass Preventer Lawn Food. The second step uses the Weed Control Plus Lawn Food.
  • 2. The building of thick and green lawns – In this step, the lawn is expected to come with a thick and green turf which should boost the grass roots.
  • 3. Lawn protection against drought and heat – Lawn is now fertilized. This process should protect the grass from heat and drought while maintaining its greenness.
  • 4. Protection from burning – As soon as the grass gets nourished, the program ensures to safeguard your lawn from being burned.
  • 5. Making the lawn pet- and children friendly – The program also comes with a guarantee that the yard is going to be safe for both children and pets.
  • 6. Feeding and boosting the lawn – With Scott’s 4-Step Lawn Care Program and Step 4 Fall Lawn Food, your lawn’s maintenance in terms of making it thrive and all healthy should last all throughout the next season.

Trugreen’s Lawn Care System

Deemed as the largest firm in the lawn care segment, Trugreen still is catering to voluminous amount of clients as of today. It uses efficacious applications on numerous lawn care products.

Similar to Scotts, Trugreen also allows its experts to look into the condition of the lawn for assessment.

Perhaps the most distinctive and therefore more convincing feature from Trugreen’s lawn care service is its economical pricing. Its low-priced tags on its services, while very attractive, still demands consumers to qualify so they can get the offer

For instance, Trugreen’s $29.95 lawn care service plan offer has catapulted a lot of consumers as of late. Evidently set at a low price, the offer also comes with strict requirements before you can avail of it.

That said, the offer also stated that it isn’t available for those with massive lawns and to those who are not willing to pay for the year’s total amount on lawn care. Generally, Trugreen comes with a list of price for its lawn care which depends on the land area. 

Also, the firm would usually send its technicians to ascertain the number of applications a certain lawn needs to have in order for it look all vibrant and green. After which, a rate will be given by the technician accordingly.

What to expect from the Scotts and Trugreen Merger?

As Scotts Lawn Service has already been absorbed by the Trugreen company, choosing between the two is no longer an issue. But just what does the merging entail to their long-time consumers?

The fusion between the two means that Trugreen is taking the bigger slice of the cake here but should still make use of Scotts’ services along the way.

The merger also entails that lawn care programs with affordable prices are all bound to be marketed and retailed with Trugreen behind the driving wheel.

Concluding Thoughts

Trugreen and Scotts Lawn Service were essentially the local behemoths in the lawn care industry. But now that they are under the same umbrella, it’s now easier for homeowners to get professional help for their lawn.

Ultimately, consumers are now in for bigger and more effective services from these two.

After all, when you get to combine firms whose attractive policies on pricing and efficient lawn maintenance products are their priorities, you’d only expect an excellent lawn care service that only your hard-earned money deserves.

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