Predator Generator Reviews: The Ultimate Product Reviews in 2019

Have you been preying on some of the best Predator generator reviews online? Whether you’re planning to upgrade this crucial equipment or has just started to join the bandwagon, this article is specially written for you!

Predator generators are without a doubt the most common favorite today when it comes to high-performing portable generators. But with the plethora of alternatives that are available around, one might still get lost in his journey; a dilemma I experienced recently.

As it goes, I’m dedicating this post to ward you off from this unnecessary situation. As soon as I unveil our top Predator generators, I’m also bound to reveal some of the important things to consider when you select that generator based on your preference.

When you get to combine all of these, I’m certain that choosing your next Predator will just be a breeze! Without dilly-dallying, here are the top five Predator generators in the market now.

Best Predator Generator Reviews


Especially ideal for electronics with sensitive engine, our first generator from Predator uses a built-in inverter technology that provides a cleaner and reliable power. This inverter generator comes with an effective design that is equipped with more power while consuming less fuel.

Its weight is also a tad lighter than the conventional generators out there; whether you’re camping, boating, or using your Recreational Vehicle, this product is best used with the add-on RV Ready Parallel kit.

Meanwhile, power is more than doubled due to the item’s “parallel capability”; a low-oil indicator is also included along with a fully enclosed high-impact housing and an electronic overload protection, a feature that will come in handy for those who seek protection at all times.

All in all, the product’s sound is acceptably quiet whenever you turn on the eco mode with or without a load.

  • Peak: 2000
  • Running Watts: 1600
  • Item Weight: 54 pounds


  • Fully enclosed
  • Comes with overload protection
  • Runs long for 6.5 hours at 50 percent capacity
  • Features a robust 79.7 cc engine
  • More power is experienced with its “parallel capability”


  • Users have to remove the side panel to check oil
  • Users are required to change oil frequently

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One of the lightest variants from the Predator line is the Predator 4000 Peak. It comes with durable materials and only sums a total weight of 99 pounds. Your house is more than assured with its 6.5 HP single piston engine that can generate more than sufficient power.

Moreover, the engine is robust enough to provide a maximum performance right out of the generator. The product should also work without a noise with its 72-74 dB over 10 m offering.

Continuous power and battery charging won’t be an issue as it’s designed with four 110V outlets along with a 240V outlet and a handy 12V DC outlet. Safe power charging is likewise included for fragile devices like computers, laptops, and smartphones.


  • Peak: 4000
  • Running Watts: 3200
  • HP: 6.5 (212 cc)
  • Item Weight: 99 pounds


  • Ideal for emergencies, job site use, recreation, lawn and garden, and heating and cooling
  • 10 hours running time with 50 per cent capacity
  • Comes with low oil indicator and low oil shutdown mechanism
  • Features an array of outlets
  • Air-cooled engine


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Produces a loud noise

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As it comes with a high-powering Predator gas engine, our third Predator product is likewise suitable for job site use, recreational purposes, and emergencies. This reliable generator is powered by a massive 420 cc 13HP engine that is all air-cooled and gasoline-fueled.

It features a handy electric start mechanism that allows users to rev it up easily; a recoil backup is also thrown in the mix to provide uncomplicated starts. It can run long for 12 hours with a staggering 50 per cent load capacity.

Your product’s oil management and maintenance are all guaranteed to be taken care of as it boasts of a low-oil indicator and a low-oil shutdown. The protection of all the generator components is more enhanced with its 1.25-inch steel roll cage.

It also is equipped with a variety of outlets that include of a 120V outlet, 20amp duplex outlets, a 20amp twist outlet among others.


  • Peak: 8750
  • Running Watts: 7000
  • HP: 13 (420 cc)
  • Item Weight: 220 pounds


  • High-powered engine
  • Air-cooled engine
  • Comes with lots of outlets
  • Can run to up to 12 hours at 50 per cent capacity
  • Low-oil indicator/ low-oil shutdown functionality


  • A bit on the bulkier and heavier side
  • Not ideal for fragile and delicate devices like smartphones and laptops

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This standby gas generator from Predator is specially made to cater to home and business power needs. It can deliver a massive 11000 watts of continuous power to cover appliances, tools, and electronics.

Retailed at a very affordable price, this emergency generator can power up substantial power requirements sans any potential overheating due to its featuring of an air-cooled 22 HP OHV engine. Meanwhile, the product is also enveloped fully with a high-impact casing, ensuring your generator’s longevity.

The product’s movement and transportation are guaranteed to be in a breeze as it is armed with an electric start-lifting hook kit. The product is both CARB-compliant and EPA-certified.

  • Peak: 13500
  • Running Watts: 11000
  • HP: 22 (670cc)
  • Product Weight: 375 pounds


  • Ideal for both home and business
  • Can deliver to up to 11000 continued power
  • Enclosed in a high-impact housing
  • Comes with a wheel kit for easy movement and transportation
  • Comes with many outlets


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Heavy and bulky

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This portable generator from Predator is another must-have in your Predator Generator list. It comes with a highly durable 1 – ¼ in. steel roll cage that houses a 420cc and 13 HP, air-cooled OHV gas engine with 12-hour run-time that is clocked at 50 per cent loading capacity.

The product is also equipped with the much-needed generator wheel kit that includes 8-inches flat free tires and an adjustable steel handle.Our last entry also features an electric start with recoil back up.


  • Peak: 8750
  • ​HP: 13 (420 cc)
  • Running Watts: 7000
  • Item Weight: 183 pounds


  • Comes with a generator wheel kit
  • Can run for 12 hours with 50 per cent loading capacity
  • Add-ons include 8-inches flat free tires
  • Adjustable steel handle
  • Features electric start with recoil back up


  • None

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Best Predator Generators: Important Things to Consider Before Your Purchase

Your needs on generators will naturally vary. But which of these are the important ones, you ask? This section will help you narrow down these considerations.

#1 Power Needs and The Generator’s Capacity

predator generator

Are you planning to power on the entire house if in the event an outage ensues? Or you’re just using it to back up some of your tools?

Whatever your causes are, you’ve to ensure that the generator you’re buying will provide you sufficient power that is relative to your needs. Each generator that corresponds to a certain amount of power and for you to veer away from future mistakes, it’s a must that you take note of these information.

If you’re planning to power your entire house, it would be best if you list the number of appliances and equipment that will be covered so you would have a rough estimate of the needed power.

#2 Safety Features

Dangers and hazards are inevitable especially if you’re not using your generator with care and utmost caution. And as generators are complicated machines, it is paramount that they come with many safety features.

Some of these features comprise of circuit breakers, brakes, wheels, confined casings, and a robust base, among others. Meanwhile, a good generator should also be able to stop oil spills and shut itself down in case something wrong happens.

#3 Performance Ratio

predator generator

Another important factor to keep in mind before buying your Predator generator is its performance ratio. All the bells and whistles of your generator won’t suffice if it’s not providing you a sufficient performance.

Moreover, your generator should be fuel-efficient and shouldn’t burn fuel. Next on the list is to determine how good the engine in the generator is. Ask the retailer or supplier regarding the engine if it’s good enough to sustain your needs.

Now, as there are a lot of generator engines today that boast of optimal fuel efficiency, this search won’t be a problem.

#4 Fuel Type

Today, there are three varieties of fuel types that you can choose from – natural gas, diesel, and propane. Each of which represents some benefits and drawbacks. The three of them essential perform rather similarly so this shouldn’t weight your decision that much.

However, make certain that your chosen fuel type can be obtained easily in your locale. Also, ensure that this fuel variant is matching the requirements of your engine. Ultimately, each of these types has its own price tag; choose one that you can afford accordingly.

#5 Noise Reduction

predator generator

Generators are generally loud – a feature that makes them quite uncomfortable to the ears. But all that can be mitigated if that equipment comes with a noise reduction feature, resulting to a more convenient operation.

You can verify how much noise your generator would make by looking at the decibel levels right on its label. As a rule of thumb, a good decibel level for a generator is situated between 50 – 75.

#6 Maintenance

As your generator consists of numerous parts and a massive engine, it will naturally require a regular maintenance – one that you should be doing, if it’s no longer covered under warranty or service.

And if you’re not that adept at fixing some of these issues, it is important that you go for a generator that’s not difficult to maintain; a readily available local service provider for this equipment is also one of the most effective ways to deal with this situation.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a provider along with an equipment that is easy to maintain. When combined, the life of your generator won’t only be lengthened but should also make your relationship with it an uncomplicated one.

#7 Portability

predator generator

Not exactly a huge of a deal as all Predator generators are essentially portable, how portable your purchase is should also be looked into especially if you opt to carry the equipment around.

On the other hand, a more portable and smaller generator would mean that you can use it in an array of applications.

#8 Price

It’s always crucial that you mirror your choosing to your budget as well. If your budget is particularly tight, only select those features that you would really need.

Meanwhile, if you do not have an issue with the budget, you can compare the Predator generators through an online search. From there, you would know which product should reflect your needs.

The Verdict

Predator generators are indeed the best deals you can ever have when you’re gunning for a durable and efficient emergency generator. But as they come with a plethora of fantastic choices, there also comes that dilemma which begs to let you choose the best one of them.

Meanwhile, as your power needs are a crucial consideration in choosing the right Predator generator, along with the abovementioned factors in our buying guide, the standout in this segment should really depend on these.

But if we are to qualify which of them outshines the rest, it will have to be the Predator 13500 Gas Generator EPA III. Its mobility and versatility alone, the product has all the biggest features one must have if they want a high-performing and portable generator.

Did you like the post? Do you think our fourth Predator entry deserves its top place? If you happen to have something to share, add, or ask, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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