Jackfruit vs Durian: Unraveling the Mystery Between Two Confusing Fruits

At your first sight or quick glance, you’d first think that jackfruit vs durian are similar, if not related. It’s quite easy to fall on that notion as both resemble familiar qualities one might mistake to be the same if one isn’t a seasoned fruit lover.

However, if you’re to really peruse the two, you’d see that they’re actually rather different. If you’re still unbothered that both are the same or related, allow this post to convince you otherwise.

In this article, I’ll reveal an in-depth difference between the two relative to varying parameters. At the end of this discussion, I sure hope that you’ll be able to distinguish the two with ease and confidence.

Jackfruit vs Durian: Shape and Color

Fresh ripe jackfruit. Fresh sweet jackfruit segment ready for eat. Cutting jackfruit. Fresh sweet Jackfruit segment ready for eat. Tropical fruit. Selective focus.

Fresh ripe jackfruit

Jackfruit has a thick and pimply outer skin that is covered in a pale green hue especially when it is ripe: it is also both big and heavier. On the other hand, durian’s color ranges between hunter green and ochre. It comes with sharp and shiny spikes that weighs from one to five kilogram.

Jackfruit vs Durian: Taste and Smell

The durian fruit is typically encased in a nefarious-looking husk that has a pale yellow color. Nevertheless, it tastes sweet and creamy at the same time. It tastes like a creamier version of a pudding that is enveloped in a waxy covering.

Although durian is technically a fruit, it truly doesn’t taste like one. In fact, this fruit isn’t juicy. Quite evident is its creamy consistency that is all savory at the same time. Think of a custard-filling that has an inclusion of acidity in it.

Ripe Durian special selected for durian lovers ready to eat cond

Ripe Durian ready to eat

Touted as the “king of fruits,” durian is infamous for its pungent smell – a scent that is polarizing at best! Currently, westerners have an aversion to its smell and taste but few have come to appreciate it so far.

Meanwhile, the jackfruit is famed for its spectacularly sweet taste that is very much akin to a caramel; a crunch can also be experienced when tasting it. Further, the jackfruit’s flesh is all rubbery, chewy, and quite pliable. Imagine a cross between a mango and a pineapple.

Jackfruit vs Durian: Nutrients

Both jackfruit and durian are great sources of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, the durian offers phytonutrients, water, protein, and good fats. It is low in cholesterol and sodium. Moreover, the fruit is enriched with B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, B5, and B6.

Durian is very much beneficial to human’s digestion, blood pressure, along with cardiovascular health. It also positively impacts aging, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, anemia, cancer, and bone health.

Jackfruit, on its end, is rich in carbohydrates, protein, total fat, cholesterol and dietary fiber. There is a numerous list of health benefits that is associated to this fruit. Some of them include: anti-wrinkles, gets you a glowing complexion, helps you attain a flawless skin, promotes hair growth.

pieces of sweet ripe Jackfruit and seed laying on green banana leaf, Tropical fruit. close up

It's also rich in antioxidants, great source of energy, prevents cancer, maintains blood pressure, improves digestion, wards you off from colon cancer, improve eyesight, relieves asthma and anemia, and impacts skin and bone health positively.

Other perks you’re bound to get from consuming jackfruit are the regulation of blood sugar levels, prevention of bone loss, support on bowel regularity, lowers heart-related diseases’ risk, and anti-ulcerative.

Jackfruit vs Durian: Usage

Jackfruit can either be consumed raw or eaten in a curry. It can also be used as an ingredient in chips, jellies, leather, and wine. Meanwhile, the durian fruit can be of great add-on to ice cream, cappuccino, or milkshakes. It is also widely used to add flavor in sweets like Malay candy, ice kachang, and biscuits.

Contrasting Jackfruit and Durian

Now that I’ve called out their various differences based on the abovementioned parameters, it’s about time to contrast them for the sake of clearing out whatever confusion that may exist between the two. In this regard, you’ll be able to really set them apart just in case someone asks you in the future.

  • Fact #1 Jackfruit and durian are not related
Young Jackfruit in the farm

Young Jackfruit in the farm

Contrary to what most people think, jackfruit and durian are not related. For their classification, durian is under the mallow family (or Malvacae) while the jackfruit is placed in the fig and mulberry family (or Morocae).

  • Fact #2 Jackfruit and durian have different outer coverings

Another common misconception between the two is their utmost covering. Jackfruit is encased in a myriad of bumps that are raised outwardly. As these are bumps, holding this fruit can be quite a challenge as it is dense and generally large.

Durian, on the other hand, has spiky outer layer that is capable of perforating the human skin if it’s not held properly.

  • Fact #3 Both have strong odor

Jackfruit and durian both sport strong odor; but that doesn’t mean that both have foul ones. Jackfruit is noted for its bubblegum-like odor that can be likened to an amalgamation among bananas, pineapple, and rotten onions.

Meanwhile, durian’s scent is unfortunately situated on the pungent side. Some describe it as that smell you sniff right on sweaty socks.

  • Fact #4 Both have varying inner layers
Durian king of fruits for summer place on wooden.

Durian with inner layers

Right off the bat, people mistake both as having impregnable inner layers. That can be true in jackfruits in which their edible sections are intertwined with stringy and often slimy fibers.

As such, trying to grab a fruit from it is very complicated. This is worsened by the thickened, and sticky white latex that comes from the fruits’ skin and core, rendering this task to be quite a chore.

Thankfully, durian is more organized when it comes to its inner layer. The fruit has five hallow cavities which house a line of fruit pods. Unlike jackfruits, you wouldn’t have to untangle layers of maze-like latex when dealing with a durian fruit.


From an unsuspecting eye, jackfruit and durian may seem to be synonymous, if not related. But when you begin to look closely, they are, in fact, dissimilar to each other.

And while they are essentially different, this doesn’t veer away from the fact that both fruits are some of the best and most nutritious out there. They both provide sufficient nutrients and health benefits that are too many to mention.

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