How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener in Just 8 Steps?

Machines and equipment may be our saving grace when it comes to heavy tasks but unfortunately, machines also come with their own high risks. If you’re the hands-on type of homeowner who gets his or her hands dirty when it comes to the household.

Enter the electric chainsaw sharpener, a must-have tool for gardening. From woodworking to crafts to decorative arts, an electric chainsaw is a tool that is indispensable. However, for an electric chainsaw to work, it has to be sharpened.

This is where the electric chainsaw sharpener comes in. If you’re a beginner, let this article give you a crash course on how you can use your electric chainsaw sharpener. 


  • Sharpening stone - They are basically stones that are used as a tool to sharpen the edges of many steel, metallic or metal materials.

  • Depth gauge - This is basically a tool that is used to make sure that the hole which will be drilled will not go beyond the required depth.


Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

01 Check the specs of your chainsaw blade

Before you can even sharpen the blades of your chainsaw, you first have to know the dimensions as well as the measurements of your very own blade. It is imperative that you know the exact measurement of your chainsaw blade. In most cases, this can be seen in the box in which you chainsaw come in. If not in the box, then definitely in the manual that the chainsaw came with.

02 Set up your chainsaw sharpener

For safety measures, you need to set up your chainsaw sharpener on a firm solid ground. I would advise against doing this on a lawn. It’s more ideal to place your chainsaw sharpener on a concrete ground or a wood. The purpose of this step is to that it will be easier for you to position your chainsaw blade on the sharpener.

03 Lodge in your sharpening stone

In this step, you are going to need the specifications and measurements you got in step one. This is because the sharpening stone that you will be using has to fit the dimensions of your sharpener. Most possibly, the common width would be 3/16 inch

04 Adjust the swivel angle

Now, it’s time to position your chainsaw blade onto the chainsaw sharpener holder. Afterwards, you are now to adjust the swivel angle which is one of the most important things you have to do. The most common range would be between 0 to 60 degrees.

05 Adjust the blade tooth angle

The reason why step one is important is because the subsequent steps depend on the first step. The same goes for this step. Go back to step one and see what is the prescribed blade tooth angle. In this step, you are to adjust this blade tooth angle. In the blade holder, you will find a knob. You can then loosen this to adjust the angle

06 Adjust the depth gauge

The depth gauge is very important as this ensures that what you will be drilling will not go beyond the required depth. It is imperative that you would be able to adjust your depth gauge properly. If not, chances are your chainsaw sharpener will cut far down the metal between the teeth of your chainsaw. Naturally, what will happen is that your chainsaw blade will just get ruined and destroyed. In addition to this, blade might also end up overheating

07 It’s time to sharpen your blade

For starters, first thing you do is lower down your grinding wheel on the first tooth of your blade. Do it slowly and gently. Once the grinding wheel makes contact with the blade, you will see a couple of sparks. Next, maintain the contact between your grinding wheel and the tooth of your chainsaw. Afterwards, you will see that the surface of your tooth is now equipped with a sparkling metallic exterior

05 Finish sharpening

For each set of teeth, there is a tooth on both sides. After doing step seve, you can now move onto sharpening each one on both sides of the blade. Make sure to do it slowly and gently. Once you have finished on entire set of teeth, you are going to have to go back to adjusting the angle. The measurement of degree has to be the similar. If it was on the positive side, it is now on the negative side

Protect yourself

This tip is pretty much an obvious one but you’ll be surprised at how much people often forget this. Most things you will be using in this tutorial are sharp and thus, your safety can be at risk if you not proceed with caution.The number one thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to keep a safe distance from your chainsaw. Be sure to keep it unplugged as well.

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Place heavy emphasis on tooth

There’s two things you need to remember when it comes to the tooth. First is that you need to focus on their direction. Second is that you have to keep in mind to sharpen both sides. Keep in mind that you not want to cut down your chainsaw blade. To properly sharpen it, remember not to rub the file.

That said, the focus must only be on the tooth. Position it in the similar direction that it is going in. Moreover, remember that for optimum sharpness, you have to sharpen both sides instead of just the one that is facing you.

Even out your chainsaw blade

It is imperative that your blade is evened out. To be able to do so, you need to make the equal number of swipes on each side of the tooth. I highly suggest that you use a die so that you will be able to see how much exactly you still need to cut to even out your blade.

Final Thoughts

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Remember not a chainsaw blade is also only as good as its sharpness. From woodworking to being used as carpentry tools to hobbies such as decorative arts and making crafts, there is no denying the importance and essence of an electric chainsaw. But for it to be truly effective, it has to be maintained properly.

With the use of an electric chainsaw sharpener, you can do this. Be sure to keep in mind that the emphasis is on the tooth. Even them out by making the same number of swipes. And focus on the tooth by making sure that it is positioned in the right direction.

For maximum sharpness, ensure that you will sharpen both sides. Lastly, your number one priority must always be your safety. Wear clothes that are for dirty work; make sure to keep a safe distance away from the chainsaw; and lastly, keep your electric chainsaw unplugged. 

Last Words:

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article. Should you have any other suggestions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them down below. I’ll see you on the next article!

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