How To Make A Grow Tent: Constructing the Effective Grow Tent

I remember when there was a certain point when my passion for gardening was challenged due to the lack of space I have in my residence. That was the time I discovered how to make a grow tent. At present, grow tents have gained attention for its effectivity to grow plants especially for people without much space to have a garden of their own. Which is why I think it is best that I share with you my knowledge on how to build one.

In this article, I will help you discover a cheap and easy way of how to make a grow tent. In addition, I will also let you in on some important key tips as we go along.

What You Will Need

How To Make a Grow Tent

Before we go on with the process of how to make a grow tent, you will be needing some essential tools for this job. Be sure to prepare these materials prior to starting with the impending task.

  • PVC pipes or an old rack - this will serve as the frame for your grow tent. You can build one from scratch using PVC pipes or use an old but sturdy shelf or clothing rack.

  • Panda film / black and white Poly - this will be the covering of your grow tent. The inside of this material is highly reflective while the outside is light resistant. This material is also durable and tearproof.

  • Duct tape - this will be used to cover the seams to make sure the there are no gaps for your grow tent.

  • Velcro or cable Ties - you will need these in order to keep all the electrical wiring organized.

  • LED lights - this will serve as your grow light. Others may use a high-intensity discharge lamp but for the purpose of keeping it easy and cheap, you can use LED lights for this project. As an alternative, you can also use plasma lights.

  • Fan - Ventilating your plants is important in order to keep it healthy. A small fan can do the job of keeping your grow tent well ventilated.

  • Humidifier - this is also another important equipment in order to control the temperature inside your grow tent. 

How To Make a Grow Tent: The Step-by-step Guide

After you have gathered the materials need for this job, you can now proceed with the steps as follows. These are the steps on how to make a grow tent.


The very first step that you need to do is to build the frame for your grow tent. You can use PVC pipes in constructing the frame which and make sure that the design that you have planned is sturdy and can last for a long period. To get a more constructive idea of how this would look like, check out this video.


Moving on, you can now proceed to construct the tent or the covering. Panda film or also known as the black and white poly is the perfect material that you can use for this. The reflective side of this material should be the interior of the tent, while the black side for the exterior part. Secure the seams and gaps using duct tape and be mindful of any leak points. Leave one side to serve as the access point or entrance of the tent. Watch this short clip to know more about this.


The next step is setting up the ventilation for the grow tent. With this, you will be able to control the temperature as well as the humidity inside the grow tent. Like all the other components of your grow tent, a ventilation system that is well constructed is very essential for your plants’ growth. This video gives a more detailed process of setting up the ventilation.


Once you are done with the ventilation system, you can proceed to set up the LED lights. LED may be an artificial light source, however, they are very effective in emitting headed light for the plants. Another good thing about using LED as your lighting source is that it consumes less electricity compared to Metal Halide (MH) lights or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light. You can attach the LED lights along the PVC pipes so your plants can get sufficient coverage.


The final step is for you to set up the plants you want to grow in your grow tent.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Making Your Own Grow Tent

Building your own grow tent requires a lot of research and planning. In addition to that, you also need to keep a few things in mind when constructing an effective grow tent. As a guide, read through the following key points that I have taken note of over my years of gardening.

How To Make a Grow Tent

  • Consider the size of your grow tent 

                  The physical quantities, as well as the architectural elements of the grow tent, should be taken into account before you start building. Your grow tent will require space and it should also have enough interior space for you to be able to work properly. 

  • Ensure the overall quality of your grow tent

                Considering the overall quality of your grow tent is another thing to keep in mind. This would have to start with having a good plan and design for your grow tent. You should also make sure that the materials used for the frame, covering, zippers, and connectors should be of good quality, corrosion resistant, and very durable.

  • Use non-toxic materials

            Using non-toxic materials is also vital in order to make sure your plants will grow healthy. Toxicity from other materials can have harsh effects on your plants. Aim to use materials that have non-toxic components for your plants to have a sustainable, natural environment.

  • Always check for leaks

              In terms of using a grow tent, a sufficient supply of light, water, and other important elements is a vital factor. Keeping all these within the interior of the grow tent is another critical part. This is why it is utmost important for you to regularly check for leak points. These will usually happen at the seams, gaps, or zipper openings. 


As a conclusion, there are many things that you can explore and learn when it comes to the field of Horticulture and Gardening. One of many is how to make a grow tent from scratch. If you are someone who is passionate about gardening or you consider it one of your hobbies but you lack the space needed for an outdoor garden, then a grow tent is the perfect solution. Follow the steps as well as the key point I have shared in this article and you are well on your way to growing healthy plants and enjoying an indoor garden of your own.

How To Make a Grow Tent

Was this article helpful? Were you able to follow the steps on how to make a grow tent? Are there any other ideas that you might have regarding this topic? You are welcome to voice out your opinion about this article. Send your feedback and recommendations by leaving a comment below. 

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