How to Get Rid of Spittlebugs? Ways of Dealing with this Garden Intruder

If you have recently noticed white foams forming on your plants, those are Spittlebugs in disguise. Observing these guys forging their way to your garden will trigger the question of how to get rid of Spittlebugs.

Maintaining a healthy garden means your plants need to be protected from pests that can hinder their growth and cause damage to them. Spittlebugs are considered a common nuisance once they found a place in your garden.

The moment you have noticed a white foam or a soap sud like structure forming on the leaves of your plants, this is a good indication that Spittlebugs have intruded your garden. This article will aid you in discovering the simple but effective ways on how to get rid of Spittlebugs, plus a few key tips along the way.

What You Will Need

First thing before going over the steps on how to get rid of Spittlebugs, there are fundamental materials that you will require for this job. These are the following materials that you will need.

  • Spray Bottle: You can use any spray bottle as a container for your homemade pesticide.
  • Face Mask: While preparing your homemade pesticide, wear a face mask to protect you from the pungent odor it exudes.
  • Gloves: Use this when handling chili peppers. This can also be used if you opt to manually remove Spittlebugs from your plants.
  • Blender: Blend and mix all the ingredients for your homemade pesticide.
  • Cheesecloth or coffee filter: This will be used to strain your pesticide mixture.
  • Jar: Use this to store your homemade pesticide mixture for future usage.
  • Row Covers: Use this as an option to prevent Spittlebugs or any pest from getting to your plants.

How to Get Rid of Spittlebugs?

Once you have gathered the essentials that you will need for this job, you can now go through the procedures as follows. Here are the steps on how to get rid of Spittlebugs.

Using a pesticide that is sold commercially can be harmful to the plants since they contain a chemical substance that can be a bit potent. However, what you can do is to create your own organic pesticide that can be twice as effective.

Using Homemade / Organic Pesticide

The Ingredients
How to Get Rid of Spittlebugs
  • gift
    10 pieces of small to medium-sized chili peppers
  • gift
    12 pieces of garlic cloves (peeled)
  • gift
    3 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper
  • gift
    ¼ cup of detergent (non-toxic)
  • gift
    2 cups of water
The Procedure
Protecting iris flower from fungal disease

1. ​Once you have prepared the ingredients for your homemade pesticide, the first thing you need to do before using it on your plants is to gear up.

Make sure that you wear a face mask and a pair of rubber gloves to protect you from the potent smell of the garlic and pepper and prevent any mishaps while handling it.

2. Put a cup of water in a blender then add the chili peppers and garlic cloves. Next is to add Cayenne pepper. Blend everything until pureed.

3. Add in the remaining cup of water then blend it some more.

4. Get your cheesecloth or a coffee filter and place it on top of a jar. Pour your mixture and strain it.

5. Next is to add the non-toxic detergent while carefully stirring the mixture.

6. Cover the jar and store it in a dark and cool place for the next 24 to 48 hours.

7. Once ready, you can pour a portion of it into a spray bottle. You can spray the mixture directly on your plants to get rid of the Spittlebugs.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Spittlebugs

Removing by Hand

  • If you notice an infestation of Spittlebugs starting in your garden, the easiest way to get rid of them is by removing them manually or by hand one by one.
  • If in case you do not like touching them with your bare hands, you can wear a pair of gloves while doing this. This is an effective option if the infestation is just starting which means there are just a few Spittlebugs on your plants.

Using Preventive Measures

With any situation, prevention is always important. To ensure that your plants are safe and protected against Spittlebugs as well as other pests, you can opt to use preventive measure.

One effective tool you can utilize are row covers. Row covers are available at any gardening stores and are lightweight and cheap. They prevent Spittlebugs or any pests from getting into your plants.

Moreover, row covers are designed to have tiny holes in them that allows rain or water to penetrate and heat to come out. Watch this video to get a more constructive idea about row covers:

Aside from using row covers, regularly cleaning your garden is another way to prevent a Spittlebug infestation. Spittlebugs tend to survive and attach themselves on debris around the garden and on old plant matters.

Cleaning your garden regularly can get rid of any existing Spittlebugs that as well as their eggs. This will, in turn, prevent Spittlebugs from possibly multiplying around your garden.

Using Praying Mantises


This method is another effective way to get rid of Spittlebugs. Praying Mantises are known as predatory insects that feed on small insects and pests. With this method, you will need a few Praying Mantises to be released into your garden and leave them for about a week.

After that period, you can check your garden if the Praying Mantises are able to work their magic in getting rid of the Spittlebugs.

Getting to Know Spittlebugs

The term Spittlebug comes from the description of a spit-like substance that these pests form to hide from predators. They develop a white, froth-like or sometimes described as soap sud substance to conceal their body with. They are known as sucking insects and have over 23,000 known species.

The white, foamy substance that they produce actually a product of them feeding on the sap of the plants. They then secrete this white substance on their backs which serves as their camouflage as well as protecting them from high temperatures while keeping them hydrated at all times.

To know more about Spittlebugs, watch this video


One of the important and a basic part of properly maintaining a healthy garden is ensuring that pests are effectively dealt with. This will keep your plants healthy and prevent any possible infestation from spreading and causing damage to your garden.

With the knowledge that you have acquired from this article, you can make sure that you are able to get rid of Spittlebugs from your garden. Remember the different ways that you can use to get rid of Spittlebugs, and you can be sure to keep your garden lively and healthy.

Were you able to get some important points from this article? Were you able to follow the steps on how to get rid of Spittlebugs? What method do you think is the most effective? Do you have any other ideas regarding this topic?

I would like to hear your opinion about this article. Send your responses and recommendations by leaving a comment below.

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