Homemade Rat Poison – Three of the Most Cunning Recipes

Are you one of those who just had enough of rats? If you’re planning to expanding your homemade rat poison skill, tread on with careful steps in this post that will save you and your patience from giving up!

There’s nothing more troublesome and nefarious than having to hear scurrying rats thudding right on top of your ceiling. Their notoriety on destruction aside, these pesky beasts are also responsible to inducing numerous casualties due to the diseases that they bring.

As it goes, that sound you’re now hearing entails that you have to do something to thwart their incoming attacks.

Thankfully, people worldwide have not only come to defend themselves with over-the-counter weapons of annihilation but have also conjured DIY poisons, all poised to decimate their future plans to either destroy your things and feast on your home’s electrical wirings.

The list below won’t only make your home rat-free but should also make you even more practical in the long run:

Homemade Rat Poison

1. The Boric Acid Poison

Boric acid has always been known to be quite useful in your day-to-day home needs. Also called as Hydrogen Borate, this element exists in the form of colorless crystals that easily dissolves in water.

To date, there are numerous ways in which boric acid can be used for and at home either independently or when amalgamated with other components. And as it is generally less toxic, this one can be dealt with at home that easily. But as always, I would still require utmost caution.

Boric acid is utilized in different fields. Most common of which is in the medical field by which it is used as an antiseptic. It is also being used as insecticide, lubricant, and as a preservative. Some also use it in nuclear power plant and in pyrotechnics.

But its more practical use can be found when home owners are trying to get rid of rats. Here is the walkthrough on how to make a boric acid poison:

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The Procedure:
  • Step #1

Always wear your disposable gloves prior to subjecting yourself to this procedure. This won’t only prevent you from experiencing skin irritation but should also protect your skin from potential harm.

Next, place one cup of boric acid right into a bowl. Start mixing chicken broth with the acid for about one-half teaspoon at a time. Mix it thoroughly as you add broth into it. Do this until you begin seeing that thick paste is produced and that you feel that the mixture can no longer be stirred easily.

In the event that the mixture is a bit thinner, simply add more acid to it. The broth’s odor should attract house rats. Once they’re done consuming the acid, these pesky pests should die begin dropping momentarily.

  • Step #2

Begin rolling the produced paste into marble-sized balls. Then, put at least two or even three of these balls right into places in which rats may likely to tread on like jar lids or those containers that are both small and disposable. These should create baits that you can relocate easily when that need surfaces.

  • Step #3

Whenever you see areas which have rat droppings, place these baits on them accordingly. These are the areas in which rats are most likely to visit again.

  • Step #4

The last step is easily the best one. Simply watch for these areas and look for either the end of these droppings and the sightings of dead rats!

2. The Baking Soda Poison

As helpful as you think it usually is to your frequent home needs, baking soda is also a known mean rat annihilator. When I first learned about this, I was also shocked as you are now.

As when you think of a homemade mouse poison, baking soda isn’t typically what comes to your mind. This is all due to its exceptional use for cooking, which is widely chosen these times.

But as it is generally safe for consumption for humans, this is what makes our second rat poison alternative as deadly as it already is. The baking soda poison can be especially quite useful when a vermin is still a newborn and is running to and fro in your house.

Another perk that you should get from this poison is that it tackles the issue head on and should eliminate rats sooner than it is expected. Without dilly-dallying, here are the steps that you need to follow when making a baking soda poison.

baking soda
The Procedure:
  • Step #1

Akin to our first alternative, wearing gloves is also a crucial step in making a baking soda poison. After securing this, you can now begin combining one cup of flour along with one cup of sugar (or powdered chocolate mix). 

Next, add one cup of baking soda; mix them thoroughly. The sugary component will be the one to attract these rats while the baking soda is tasked to decimate them.

  • Step #2

Look for jar lids. Fill them with about half full of this mixture. Whenever you notice rat droppings in or on these baited jar lids, set these containers repeatedly in these exact locations.

  • Step #3

Search indications that this rat infestation is now resolved. If you don’t see any sighting with their newest droppings, you’re likely to see dead rats sooner than you think.

3. The Plaster of Paris Poison

The use of plaster of Paris as a rat killer is nothing short of cunning. It has the nefarious gypsum components that gets hardened when it gets right into a contact with liquid. Now, when your targeted rats consume it, this should initially harden inside their intestines, which should kill them in the process.

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The Procedure:
  • Step #1

Ensure that your disposable gloves are worn before you begin with the proceeding steps. Next, combine one cup of flour (cornmeal is also an alternative), sugar (another option is powdered chocolate mix) and the plaster of Paris. Combine these ingredients thoroughly.

Similar to baking soda, the scent of sugar should attract these rats accordingly. When they consume the plaster of Paris, that’s when the real action begins. Upon consumption and combining it with any fluid, this component should harden right into the rats’ gastrointestinal tracts.

  • Step #2

In jar lids, place a sufficient amount of this mixture. Secure these lids in locations in which there is a rat traffic. Specifically, put these containers in areas which have rat droppings.

  • Step #3

Dead set of vermin should momentarily begin to appear. You should see them right after the diminished appearance of their fresh dropping or when all of these completely disappear.

Concluding Thoughts

The list could go on but the three that were just listed are among the deadlier ones, all sure to rectify your rat infestation in no time.

And as you begin choosing your way to annihilate rats at home, always make certain that you’re following the guidelines with much caution to ensure safety in your household. Ultimately, these poisons should in no way be available to children, pets, or the non-target animals.

Did you like this post? If you have anything to add, share, or ask, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below. Until then, happy hunting!

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