Do Squirrels Eat Carrots? Pinpoint the Culprit for Your Missing Carrots

We often only see squirrels shown on the media to eat one thing only: acorns but it’s completely unhealthy for them to eat just a single food item. So do squirrels eat carrots?

If you have many squirrels in your backyard or your area and you have carrots planted knowing this detail may help you to finally pinpoint the culprit for your missing carrots.

Most gardeners would think that squirrels would be the least of their problems and might not think that they can eat their crops. This is exactly why we should be more aware of their eating habits. Knowing so would help you prepare your garden and your carrots against these rodents.

Squirrel Eating Habits

Squirrels are rodents so like the rats and mice in your home they tend to eat just about anything that’s available to them.

In general, since nuts like walnuts and acorns are more readily available this is what we often see them eat but squirrels are also very fond of fruits and vegetables. Squirrels are herbivores but under very desperate conditions they can also eat eggs and insects.

During colder months they also hoard food so they wouldn’t have to deal with going out in the cold to feed themselves. That being said, it would be best if you take extra precaution once fall starts to protect your crops. 

Do Squirrels Eat Carrots?

So, do squirrels really eat carrots? The short answer is yes. Like what I said a while ago, they eat just about everything they get their hands on and that include root crops and vegetables.

Do Squirrels Eat Carrots

Although they eat almost everything, they can also be picky. Since fruits are sweeter and are more attractive they might préfère fruits like kiwis, mangoes, avocados, plums, and peaches over dry and bitter carrots.

This is good news for gardeners who want to get squirrels away from their crops. However, if you have a pet squirrel and want them to switch their diet to carrots you should bait them with these sweet fruits first to lead them to eat carrots.

What Else Do They Eat?

Aside from nuts and carrots, squirrels also eat other types of vegetables. They have been observed to be very fond of leeks, lettuce, arugula, and broccoli. Generally, they like leafy vegetables more than root crops because these are easier for them to digest and to chew on. 

Crops like carrots can also be too big for squirrels and might give them a hard time to munch on them. Like what I said in the previous section, squirrels really like fruits more than any other food group.

Fruits give them the boost in sugar they need to have more energy throughout the day they would also generally need fewer fruits to get the same amount of energy as they would with vegetables.

How to Keep Squirrels away

Preventing squirrels from eating your carrots is not that difficult there are different ways to do so and choosing the best one depends on how much effort you’re willing to make and how bad your squirrel situation is. 

Using Screens

Using screens to protect your carrots is the only way to completely keep squirrels off your crops. Using screens is the most effective method but it is also the most time consuming and the most expensive.

You need to get the measurements just right and you also need to give your carrots enough space to grow. Below is a link to a video which gives a step by step guide on how to set up screens around your carrots. 

Having a Pet

Another way to keep squirrels off your garden is by having pets like dogs and cats. This is of course not a sure fire way since your pets might end up befriending these rodents but they’ll surely help ward them off if they’re intimidating enough.

If you’re scared that your own pets will ruin your crops don’t worry you don’t even need them to be out all the time to keep the squirrels at bay, just their scent will do the job.

Squirrels are small animals and so they instinctively stay out of areas that have the smell of more aggressive animals like dogs and cats. 

Covering Your Crops with Unwanted Taste

Although squirrels eat virtually anything, they still have preferences and they also have certain tastes that they’d rather stay clear of. Some of the tastes that they dislike are cumin and cayenne pepper.

If you don’t mind dusting your carrots with these every once in a while then this method is probably the most convenient, least expensive, and most effortless method that you can do.

The reason why squirrels aren’t fond of these usual spices is that they dislike the smell of spicy things. Don’t worry, they won’t die or have any negative reactions to these spices.

You may also use garlic. Mix garlic with vinegar in a spray bottle and spray this mixture on your carrots. If you’d rather not have these pretty strong scents on your crops, you can also use peppermint oil as a more pleasant alternative.

Here is a quick video which will give you more information on how to keep these squirrels away from your carrots.


Squirrels are those animals that aren’t picky and would eat anything and everything that they could get their hands on and this includes carrots. This is good news for those who take care of squirrels but it’s really bad for those who want to keep them away from their crops.

Whether you’re a pet owner or a distraught gardener who wants them off your garden, I hope you were able to find the tips and information above useful. Keeping squirrels away from your carrots is not a very difficult feat, you just need to have the right technique and equipment. 

If you find this information useful, please share it with your friends and family. If you feel like I left out tips and other information, please comment them below to get the word out.

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