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How to Use Azomite? Instructions for Proper Garden Application

For a newbie gardener or plant enthusiast, there are many questions that can come to mind in ensuring a healthy growth of your plants. One of the common queries is how to use Azomite. These substances have been popular and have been used by many to promote healthy growth in their plants. Believed to contain […]

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How to Kill a Palm Tree? Effective Ways of Removing This Resilient Tree

There is no doubt that palm trees look majestic and beautiful and are often used as a decorative ornament for landscapes and many others. Be that as it may, they can also be a nuisance if planted in the wrong location of which you must know how to kill a palm tree so as to […]

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Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree: Unravel the Mystery Behind Growing This Shrub

If you’re looking for a delectable, fragrant tree that attracts both your visitors and the butterflies by your patio, you may have already come across of the wonders that come from growing a Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree.  But if you have somehow missed this wondrous opportunity to rearing this attractive shrub, go no further as […]

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How to Make Clones Root Faster: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the natural environment, your clones won’t really need a lot of boosts to root faster. This is because it gets all the nutrients it needs naturally. However, when we start planting the clones in a different environment for example in your backyard or in a more industrial setting, it would need a little bit […]

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How to Kill a Pine Tree – Try out These Different Methods

Ever since I started gardening five years ago, I have loved this hobby more than ever. From learning the basics of gardening to knowing more about growing organic food, I came across some details regarding pine trees.  Despite its majestic aura, there are times that we have to remove the pine tree from our lawns […]

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