Best Trimmer Line: Top Product Reviews and Definitive Guide for Buyers

At some point of your landscaping dreams and methodical mow downs, you’re going to want to use a string trimmer. And for that string trimmer to function optimally, the utilization of the best trimmer lines is more than necessary. In a nutshell, trimmer lines are crafted in a way that they don’t last longer. 

This doesn’t mean though that you’re going to have to be complacent about it. Your hard only deserves the meanest manicuring out there and what could be more beneficial when you’re equipped with the right know-hows on how and which to choose when that time finally comes

Welcome to my another segment of choosing only the best product for your garden. In today’s discussion, I’m not only revealing the best trimmer lines on the market now; more importantly, you’ll also be acquainted with only the most definitive guide just to narrow down your selection to perfection

Product Name




Latest Price

095-inch by 3-pound spool



155-inch-by-315-foot; 6.5in X 6.5 in X 9.75 in



225-feet by 0.080-Inch



3-pound spool of .105-inch-by-564-feet



095-inch, 855-foot length, estimated 3 lb



Without dilly-dallying, here now are the five best trimmer lines in the gardening business:


Disturbance and occasional bending are now things of the past with Husqvarna’s Titanium Force String Trimmer Line. It is known for its ability to move at a significantly high speed without any unnecessary bending. It is also the one to beat if users are looking for trimmer lines that just slice through weeds and grass without any jarring disturbance

Made to cater to both starters and landscape enthusiasts, the 639005106 is crafted from a copolymer-induced nylon which is also designed to cut weeds thinly and thickly. And as its design is all that durable, users should expect trimming a voluminous amount of weeds prior to a need of changing the line.

Should you still be on the fence about this entry’s counterparts especially with their cost and rate of speed, this one should not disappoint

  • Type: Round
  • Diameter: .095-Inch by 3-Pound Spool
  • Height: 850 feet


  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Considerably fast acceleration
  • Longer life, better performance
  • Time- and money-saver
  • Light but durable
  • Fits most standard trimmer heads


  • A little too light for some users


Are you in an especially hectic schedule and just do not have the time to dwell on a decision? 

Touted as the best trimmer line for heavy weeds, the Cyclone CY155S3 is a definite contender in this otherwise populated market. The patented-grade trimmer line has measurements at .155 inches in diameter – rendering it as the most viable option for the thickest of weeds out there

Cyclone Cy155S3 is crafted from a reinforced copolymer nylon which allows the line to slice through weeds with such ease – making it ideal for all yard sizes. Along with the first entry earlier, this trimmer line should hold up efficiently against time 

Noteworthy too is its capacity to cut through hundreds of feet of weeds sans the usual, foreseeable damage along the way

  • Type- 6-bladed
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 155-inch-by-315-foot; 6.5in X 6.5 in X 9.75 in
  • Diameter: 065


  • Heavy-duty
  • Fairly-priced
  • Long-lasting
  • Equipped with aggressive speeds
  • Comes with proprietary 6-bladed shape for additional cutting strength
  • Ideal for commercial weed eliminators and landscaping professionals


  • A bit on the thicker side


We’ve all met them: those regular homeowners who just happen to have some equally regular weed-whacking job around the corner. This job can be fulfilled more than sufficiently by our third pick – the able DeWALT DW01DT802

The best line trimmer for home use, this DeWALT contender is made out of some of the most flexible and impact-resisting materials. With these features, users can expect a robust performance out of this thin trimmer

DeWALT DW01DT802’s measurement is clocked at 0.08 inches in diameter – just about the right size for those tasks that only require light work. These include trimming close edges or evening out grasses that are lying beside mulch beds

Along with the brand’s patented home trimmers, this can also work alongside Ryobi, Kobalt, and the like

  • Type: Twisted
  • Dimensions: 225-feet by 0.080-Inch


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Highly suitable for home use
  • Distinct, aerodynamic design
  • Crafted from flexible and impact-resisting materials
  • Ideal for those who are using a battery-operated string trimmer


  • On the pricier side
  • Doesn’t work if the temperature is warmer
  • Color could have been made a little brighter


Specially designed to accommodate most of the commercial-grade trimmers around, the Oregon 22-805 is both reasonably-priced and efficient 

Users can also enjoy the reinforced nylon material along with the item’s highly durable yet sharp operation on thicker weeds and grasses – all of which are performed with ease. And as it just measures .105 inches, this trimmer line is just sufficiently thick enough for commercial uses

The square-type entry from Oregon also comes with little to no resistance just when it gets used against weeds and grasses, working them down in various angles. The Oregon Magnum Gatorline also fits virtually all the standard trimmer heads out there

  • Type: Square
  • Dimensions: 3-pound spool of .105-inch-by-564-feet


  • Bang-for-the-buck
  • Users reported fewer bumps when used
  • Ideal for cutting heavier brushes, grasses
  • Doesn’t break nearly as often as other brands
  • Comes with outer layer which prevents welding
  • Equipped with high-strength inner core which resists breakage


  • None


Easily the best round trimmer line for residential use, the 333695 Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line from Maxpower is made out of basic nylon components. Though not as durable as some of the more premium counterparts, our last entry is still considerably agile in terms of holding up over time

Alongside that, users can expect a more-than-decent and easy performance when it starts to cut through from thin to medium-thick weeds and grasses

Maxpower’s lone contender can also be used with the available, basic string trimmers and weed eaters on the market now 

For those homeowners and commercial owners who landscape frequently, this trimmer line doesn’t disappoint and should only perform nearly as efficient as those that come with premium offerings

  • Type: Round
  • ​Dimensions: .095-inch, 855-foot length, estimated 3 lb. spool of line
    42 refills


  • Inexpensive
  • Highly durable
  • Bright, orange color
  • Made out of sturdy nylon components
  • Can take a beating from hard surfaces without losing much length
  • More aerodynamic than other variants


  • None

The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Trimmer Lines

When choosing for the best trimmer line, it’s vital that you ascertain first the needed shape and diameter for this tool. These parameters significantly determine as to how quick and efficient this specific tool should run

This segment will focus entirely on the various trimmer line styles along with the line diameters and line sizes for your yard. Ultimately, ensure that you already have sufficient knowledge about the garden you’re about to manicure before you delve into these:

  • The Trimmer Line Styles
Best Trimmer Line

1. The Round Trimmer Line Type

   If you’re one of those whose main tasks are to trim the grass edges and eliminate weeds in your yard or someone else’s, the round trimmer line type should do more than just efficiently. In addition, this line type is very much famed for its standardized output, owing to its basic features that also don’t wane that easily if compared to other trimmer lines

    Along with its lighter use for residential areas, round trimmer lines are also known for its quality that doesn’t break less. These are generally recommended for surfaces that require durable lines such as concrete and trees. This line type is also one of the most easily replaceable right in your trimmer

2. The Multi-Sided Trimmer Line Type

    For larger yards which are swarmed by thicker weeds, the multi-sided trimmer line type should vie as the most efficient type on this list. Also, this line type is highly suggested to be used for jobs that decidedly require medium work

   The second entry on this list comes with multiple sides, as its name implies, which also provide cleaner cut and outputs. Most of the multi-sided trimmer line types come in a variety of shapes – mainly those that are patterned from a pentagon, star, and square 

   Similar to that of the round trimmer line type, the multi-sided trimmer line types also operate efficiently and quickly especially on heavy weeds and thick grass – serving a definite cut without having to spend that much time

   Multi-sided trimmer lines ultimately break without a nudge right when they make contact with stones, curbs, and sidewalks. Consider this feature if you’re going after the durable type. The most common brands under this trimmer line in the business now are Gator Line, The Edge, Magnum, and Gatorline

3. The Serrated Trimmer Line Type

    Are you battling thicker weeds but seem not to be going anywhere? Allow the serrated trimmer line type to untangle you from this hassle. This trimmer line type is very much ideal for those commercial areas that also happen to harbor thicker weeds and heavier grass

  Thanks to the serrated trimmer line’s knife-like teeth, this type should be able to cut through thicker leaves and grass blades with much ease and cleaner trim, to top it all. Users that run medium jobs should also be able to benefit from this trimmer line type’s extra cutting power

   Today, the most common serrated trimmer line type on the market is the Flexiblade

4. The Twisted Trimmer Line Type

   The last trimmer line type is best used when your yard is growing a lot of thick and heavy weeds. It can also be used for those rugged spaces with commercial use. As it is mostly use to eradicate a large number of weeds, this trimmer line type is ideal for heavy-duty occasions

    As this type is physically twisted, users can expect more strength and efficiency on their output. Users can also rely on a noise-less environment as the noise levels are noticeably reduced 

     Along with this reduction, consumers are also provided with lessened vibrations as it gives an even and clean type of cut. More durable than the round trimmer line type, twisted trimmer lines should offer more strength when they hit hard surfaces such as concrete

   Should this trimmer line type matches the needs of your yard, look for Magnum Gatorline, Super Twist, and Platinum Gatorline on the market for your reference

  • The Line Diameter and Size

Numerous trimmer lines under retail should tell you that they come in various diameters and weights. As it goes, determining which diameter and weight is as crucial as ascertaining the scope of yard work that you have

For the uninitiated, trimmer lines with larger diameters equate to an increase of power and durability especially if it’s operating against thicker weeds and grasses. On the other hand, a trimmer line with considerably lighter weight is best used in areas that house minimal number of weeds.

More importantly, each of these trimmers can only sustain a specific line diameter. In this regard, make certain that you check the manual to verify which model should work for these uses.

Ideally, the front and back lawns with lighter weeds from a residence is considered as a “light work.” Medium work comprises of a larger front and back yards, typically with heavier weeds. For a heavy work type, industrial landscaping in golf courses and similar areas are prime examples.

Concluding Thoughts

While trimming lines are generally made to not last that long, one mustn’t be complacent about this very feature and should still vie instead for products that operate otherwise. All of the handpicked items above have all been tested to endure and perform efficiently.

Each of its ratings entail quite decidedly that these are all for keeps

But for those who are either at the end of the spectrum when it comes to landscaping and garden-rearing, the one from Husqvarna should do you more than just good. The product has all the makings of an efficient trimmer line, bar none

Best Trimmer Line

Do you think Husqvarna really got it all together? Do you have anything to add, share, or ask on our discussion? If so, please don’t hesitate to sound them off in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon. Until then, enjoy your newly-purchased trimmer line, may it round or twisted!

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