Best Mosquito Fogger in 2019 – Top 5 Products Reviews

There is nothing more troublesome than a garden that is festooned with mosquitoes. Imagine throwing an ambitious birthday party in it, only to be spoiled by this horde of blood-sucking, virus-carrying mosquitoes whose function in human life is only to annoy or threaten it.

Horrifying, isn’t it? But that can all disappear if one is equipped with an arsenal of weapons — one of which is through controlling it by the use of the best mosquito fogger. A reliable investment for any household, a mosquito fogger is designed to extinguish these often persistent insects in just a couple of strides.

If you’re new to town and is basically trying to find the best one around or is simply just getting to know what a mosquito fogger is, this post is dedicated just for you. I’ve narrowed down the selection into five, identified top mosquito foggers in the business today.

Best Mosquito Fogger in the Marketplace


For countless of years now, Burgess has been letting their loyal consumers in a little secret that has catapulted its current position into a massive following: the reduction of insecticide into microscopic components.

This has evidently ushered into one of its latest offerings — the 1443 Propane Insect Fogger. The fogger can reduce up to seven times finer than the typical mist.

This minute size enables to spread through the air more effectively, reaching rather deeply into landscaped areas and havens that are infested by various insects. Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger also uses far less insecticide than regular sprays in the market now.

As such, the one quart of its insecticide can treat up to one-half acre or coverage. And as it does not require any mixing, this insecticide comes very handy for those who value time.

Ultimately, this fogger is extremely portable, only using a 14.1 oz. tall-style. Each tank provides roughly two and a half hours of steady fogging.

  • Type: Propane


  • Extremely portable
  • Ideal for outdoor events like picnics and camping
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to add liquid to storage container
  • High fogging output


  • Risky in flammable areas like dried leaves
  • Fickle propane tank attachment

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If you want some immediate output from a fogger, the Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger wastes no time — it decimates mosquitoes right on its first contact!

With a guaranteed bite-free zone that can be delivered almost instantaneously, this fogger is very much suitable when used in backyards, decks, patios, and even during picnics or just when you’re lounging around on a deck!

Along with mosquitoes, this fogger can do away other insects like gnats, flies, flying moths, crickets, sowbugs, and ants.Meanwhile, the scent that comes from Cutter Backyard Bug Control is truly a great one.

With its scent alone, one must say that this product knows what it does when it comes to luring those pesky insects. Ultimately, this entry is a must-have when you’re planning to kill bugs or veer them away from a certain area when there is no wind or breeze present.

  • Type: Aerosol


  • Kills mosquitoes and other insects on contact
  • Ideal for backyards, decks, patios, and picnic areas
  • Great scent for a fogger
  • Also essential when camping or hunting in the woods
  • Easy to operate


  • A bit pricey
  • Doesn’t kill insects like carpenter, fire, pharaoh, and harvester ants

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As the Commander Tri Jet Fogger motor is UL rated, you all can be assured that what you’re using on is safe. Meanwhile, Createch is made from the U.S. which in itself is already a plus!

The product’s reliability continues with its flexible system that allows users to fog with both water- and oil-based materials; this entry can also be used indoors and outdoors.

Apart from fogging mosquitoes, the product is also recommended for mold and mildew control, applying concrobium mold control, and sanitizer fogging among others.

If you feel like the mist doesn’t live up to its promise, the product’s amalgamation of its adjustable valve along with the tornado action should allow you to maximize it to 30 feet directionally. Createch USA Inc. is currently the leading manufacturer and industry frontrunner in terms of fogging and atomizing machine industry.

  • Type: Non-Thermal ULV


  • Made of heavy-duty metal
  • Produces denser fog
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Also ideal for mold control
  • Made in the U.S.
  • UL-rated


  • Prone to clogging
  • A bit pricey

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The Burgess 960 Electric Insect Fogger employs the same efficient system that is utilized by most professionals to annihilate mosquitoes which may also carry with them the nefarious West Nile virus.

At first stride, the product can kill and repel mosquitoes and biting flies up to six hours; it can treat an average 5,000 square foot yard in less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the treated area can be entered as soon as the five-minute allowance to completely disperse the fog is already done.

Similar to that of Burgess’ first entry on our list, this one is also known for its ultra-fast and easy operation. It can fog shrubs, ground covers, and dense foliage thoroughly where most mosquitoes lurk and breed. The Burgess Mosquito Fogger is as more effective as it is more economical than other mosquito control products!

  • Type: Electric


  • Can kill and repel mosquitoes for up to six hours
  • Easy to use; plug-in type
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Only has five-minute allowance for people to enter the treated area


  • Can only be used with Black Flag, Cutter, or Repel-branded fogging insecticides
  • Cleaning it can be quite challenging

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With over a century of groundbreaking manufacturing and marketing experience right in the spraying business, it’s no surprise that Hudson’s 62691 For Propane Fogger Spraying is appearing on this list.

The manufacturing company is very much deserving of its title as the “World’s Standard of Value” in the sprayer category as all its offerings are a must-have in each of its users’ household.

It currently uses the most efficient method for controlling the flying mosquitoes that can easily be lured right into its final trap. It has the Piezo ignition switch which comes in very handy as it lights safely without the use of matches.

The product is also known for its effectiveness in generating one of the more lingering fogs in the competition now.

  • Type: Propane


  • Comes with the best spraying method that can control flying mosquitoes
  • Features Piezo ignition switch that won’t require matches
  • Produced fog lingers more than other foggers
  • Also works on spiders


  • Trigger assembly may get stuck in the handle
  • Cannot be used indoors

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What You Need to Know about Mosquito Foggers

Mosquito Foggers Explained

Your mosquito fogger works through the atomization of the liquid pesticide in its container. Once it’s atomized, a fog or a mist is converted; its composition has tiny, microscopic droplets or particles.

This fog is the one that gets sprayed right out from its nozzle which then spreads through the air. Meanwhile, the fog creeps into the deepest cracks and crevices, may it be from your furniture or lurking in your vegetation — places in which mosquitoes are best known to breed in.

Types of Mosquito Foggers

Your known mosquito infestations in your yard, patio, or garden can be addressed head-on if you know the different types of mosquito foggers.

#1 Ultra Low Volume Fogger (ULV)

For a meaner coverage, users flock to ULV mosquito floggers. This type of fogger produces minuscule drops of insecticides that vary from five to 50 microns in diameter.

Thicker fogs are also produced by this fogger that should keep the spray concentrated — annihilating all the mosquitoes in an area effectively. ULVs are generated by electricity and is usable in both indoors and outdoors.

#2 Electric Mosquito Fogger

This mosquito fogger provides heat by means of electricity as well. This electricity that generates heat subsequently turns the insecticide into a fog.

It is known for its ability to produce an insecticide that both dense and cloudy. This type of insecticide is ideal for areas that grow flowers or trees.

#3 Propane Mosquito Fogger

If your garden is surrounded by thicker greeneries and bushes, a propane mosquito fogger might very well be ideal for your situation. This one generates enough power to produce just about the right amount of insecticide, rendering this fogger as suitable for those users who don’t want to waste any amount.

As it uses propane, the fogger requires being started by fire for it to generate a robust amount of dense fog. Meanwhile, this type of fogger doesn’t require you to stay out of the “treated area” for hours due to its use of propane.

#4 Aerosol Mosquito Fogger

Whenever you feel like your time is limited that you don’t have the oodles to work on some equipment or tool first, the aerosol mosquito fogger should be the one for you. Touted as one of the easier types of fogger, this one won’t require you to spend some inordinate time to tackle some initial procedures.

The fogger only comes in spray bottles and that’s it” all you need to do is to spray it virtually anywhere! Aerosol mosquito foggers are best recommended in areas that grow tree branches along with low-lying bushes. The only drawback that can be gleaned from using this fogger is that it isn’t as dense as the other types.

#5 Thermal Mosquito Foggers

This type of fogger is generated by a compact propane gas tank. It utilizes exceedingly high temperatures when it is heated in which the gas is ignited by flipping the unit’s switch.

Thermal foggers are highly suggested to be used when you’re trying to eliminate mosquitoes in outdoors. It is strongly discouraged to use this in indoors as it could pose some safety risks.

Safety and Operational Tips When Using a Mosquito Fogger

  • As thermal foggers can get hotter, caution is advised when operating it. As such, it’s not advised that you interact with the casing using your bare hands. This can cause some serious burns.
  • Try not to use thermal foggers in urban areas. These foggers produce a thicker cloud of fog that can ultimately result in traffic hazards.
  • Thermal foggers have to reach a sufficient amount of temperature relative to what is indicated right on the packaging. Otherwise, you may see some drippings from the nozzle.
  • It is always important to read your product’s instruction prior to using it. As such, when you’re using a propellant fogger, you have to shake it before utilization.
  • Most mosquitoes lurk in trash cans and desolate containers. Make certain that you spray these locations to minimize infestation.
  • If you plan to throw an activity in your garden or any in any area for that matter, spray these designated areas few weeks ahead leading to these events.
  • You may still use a thermal fogger in indoors if it’s indicated on the label. Otherwise, you are strongly discouraged to use this type of fogger under any circumstances.

The Verdict

The extremely portable propane-powered insect fogger from Burgess takes the cake in this competition. From its fast and effective mosquito control mechanism down to its staggering capacity to kill and repel mosquitoes for six hours, this fogger doesn’t waste any minute in making sure that its service and function don’t disappoint.

Did you like this post? If you have anything to share or ask, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Until then, have a safe and hazard-free fogging time!

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