Best Cloning Machines That Save You More Time & Energy – Review 2019

Do you have thriving azaleas that just have all the qualities your neighbors can’t help but admire? If you happen to want to enjoy them in an extended period without having to manually duplicate them, you must have already heard of the best cloning machines as your alternative.

Quite the most effective method out there, cloning machines produce plants that have the exact genes from that of its parent plant; as a result, similar characteristics are also expected. This article is dedicated to those who have just gotten started with plant propagation or those who might still be on the fence about cloning machines.

The subsequent in-depth reviews of our five identified, top products in the market now should convince you that the best way to clone a plant is by means of cloning machines. A detailed buying guide also awaits at the latter part of our discussion.

Best Cloning Machines Today

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The cloning machine from Hydrofarm should manage your fragile clippings and seedling effectively with its UL-listed waterproof heated mat and safeguarding warmth. Its complete system setup can all be achieved either by growing your media or purchasing them alternatively.

Your plants are protected against scorching with its moderated hot house heat mat that never gets too searing. This one can greatly benefit the beginners as it comes with instructions that are shown right on the mat. Just plug it in and let it wow you from there on out!

Hydrofarm’s Jump Start Hot House is adept at increasing the success of your germination and has a noted humidity control to maximize your plants’ growth. Meanwhile, its 7” dome is specially designed to make your “starts” bigger and noticeably taller.


  • 17 watts, 120 volts
  • 11” x 22” watertight base tray


  • Comes with 72-cell seedling insert
  • Included dome has one large top vent and two small side vents
  • Superior design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Improved ventilation


  • A bit pricey
  • Plastic is a little too flimsy for some

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Clone your prized plants the organic way with Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine as it doesn’t thrive on using hormones or chemicals in the process. It is complete with 36 site systems along with a reservoir, lid, spray, and the manifold with misters.

It has a submersible pump and accompanying inserts. For beginners, you can enjoy this product with an attached set of detailed instructions right off the bat. Guaranteed to make the cloning process quick and easy, the system also comes with a cheap and effective wat to clone all the plant varieties at your disposal.

The time-tested design that comes with this machine is both efficient and unparalleled: expect these plants to root in half a conventional time with ease and confidence. If you’re gunning to yield results that are all beyond simple and successful, this one is for you.


  • 36 site systems
  • 13 spray heads


  • Quick rooting cleaning
  • Comes with easy-to-follow, detailed instructions to clone plants
  • Features aeroponic cloning method for successful, quick, and easy cloning
  • Easy to set-up
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Used plastic material may not be as premium as advertised
  • Included sprayers are prone to clogging

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TurboKlone T2$D Aeroponic Cloning System’s most standout feature is its fan system. It boasts of the much-needed provision of a constant oxygen right to the growing chamber and should be able to combat high temperatures by means of cool air circulation through the unit.

The system also fits snugly on the reservoir’s side which should keep the unit from dangling parts along with the messy, tangling cords which are evident on the other systems in the marketplace. TurboKlone’s lone entry also thrives on its product’s durability and resilience.

It comes with sleek, rounded edges, along with curved walls that provide it with greater strength and protection from either internal and external component. Meanwhile, the design allows its users to clean it with ease and simplicity.


  • 24 site cloners
  • 2” diameter inserts


  • Included manual is easy-to-follow
  • Initial success rate is pegged at 90 percent
  • Comes with submersible pump
  • Useful design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Roots plants quickly


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t come with on/off switch

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Made of 100 percent recycled materials, this environment-friendly entry is also chemical-resistant and comes with a robust HDPE.

Along with the 16 EZ Collars, you’ll also find a lid, a manifold, misters, along with a reservoir and a power pump that comes with an adapter. Several cords can be navigated as the product features the much-needed, leak-resistant cord outlet.

On the other hand, you can only find the best protection from this product as it’s equipped with a recessed drain; this should also offer you the potential to simply tip the machine for draining without encountering any difficulty.

EZ-CLONE Classic 16 Cutting System Plant Cloning Equipment is also boasting of the similar Aeroponic Misting Technology that is featured by the previous entries we’ve reviewed so far.


  • 16 EZ Collars
  • 16 sites


  • Made of 100 percent recycled materials
  • Ideal for small areas; can be moved easily when it’s occupied with water
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Robust shell casing
  • Features genuine aeroponic technology
  • Maintenance-free


  • Fragile water pump
  • Lid doesn’t form a tight seal

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The Hydro West Clone Bucket may be all made from plastic, but once tried and used, its durability peaks above else. Clone Bucket’s entry comes with eight, two-inches neoprene inserts which can be reused for up to five cycles.

You’ll also find a custom-spray manifold, and a staggering 171 GPH submersible pump. As it also comes with a detailed set of instructions, this machine should be ideal for rookies who are just starting.

Expect your clones to be rooted in just five to 10 days; the Clone Bucket 8 is also famed for its use of aeroponic cloning system. Ultimately, our last product is specially crafted to cate to those with a limited budget and those who are only going to use it as an in-home alternative. 

So, if you’re not going for a high number of plants to be cloned, this one is for you!


  • 8 2” Neoprene inserts
  • 171 GPH Pump


  • Success rate is around 90 percent
  • Affordable price
  • Bucket can control algae growth within the machine
  • Reusable inserts
  • No net ports are required·
  • Durable plastic material


  • Water may get too warm
  • Nozzle throws water drops instead of mist

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How to Get the Best Cloning Machines for Your Needs?

You’re not alone if you feel all lost and confounded with the way the market is feeding us with its plethora of alternative when it comes to cloning machines.

But finding the best one among your multitude of choices is not that difficult if you’re equipped with the right know-hows and what-nots about this game-changing tool. This useful guide should help you tremendously in ascertaining these features.

#1 Cloning Machine Vs. Demands

Are your demands especially long-term? Are they strictly just for leisure? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself first when looking for a cloner. As such, this cloner should meet your needs.

Your chosen cloning machine should also be relative to your skill as a gardener. As it is, there are two types of cloning machines that you should be aware about. Right after you determine your skill and needs, verify whether the Ebb and Flow system (EAF) or Deep-Water Culture (DWC) will work for you.

If you’ve just begun and still grappling with some of the techniques, the DWC cloning machine should work for you. It won’t require highly-advanced skills to work on it as it operates under the uncomplicated hydroponic system.

On the other hand, you should use an EAF cloner if you’re already equipped with the more advanced skills. It comes with more advanced processes too so a greater efficiency is expected as one of its end results.

#2 Cloning Machine Vs. Growing Sites

How many growing sites are you planning to have? This is the subsequent question you need to address right after you determine which cloning machine you’d be using.

Knowing the approximate number of plants, you’re going to clone is paramount as the market today comprises of products with varying number of growing sites. Consider determining your needs first before heading to purchase your cloning machine.

Today, the standard number of sites is 30. But if you intend to scale your clone system in the future, it’s wise not to choose those machines that have notably fewer sites from the start.

#3 Cloning Machine Vs. Bucket Size

Small medical marijuana seedlings at a medical marijuana grow operation.

What’s the size of the plants you’re planning to clone? The bucket size is also of immense importance when deciding on choosing the best cloning machine for your needs.

It is also important to note that these bucket sizes are measured in gallons and that if the bucket is extra spacious, the release and transfer of plants will be much easier. As a rule, go for a bigger bucket size over the number of your demand.

#4 Cloning Machine Vs. Hydroponic System

Hydroponic systems are categorized into two: the active and the passive ones. If you want a more positive result out from your cloning skill, go for the active system; this should also provide your clones plants with stronger growth.

These benefits are generated by its pump that provides them with necessary nutrients in each time. The only drawback that lies on an active hydroponic system is that it is costlier than the passive type.

#5 Cloning Machine Vs. The Kit’s Expandability

The cloned plants you produce might eventually get a little beefing up once you decided to grow them further. In this case, it is important to go for that kit that is readily expandable. This will allow you to strap on additional devices in support of your decision to grow them.

Meanwhile, purchasing a different kit later will cost you more as opposed to just adding one into your existing machine.

#6 Cloning Machine Vs. Simple & Multifunctional Machines

Your budget will always be a determinant whether you’ll end up with a simple or multi-functional cloning machines. In truth, either of the two should be just fine and should function as they should be.

However, it should come as no surprise to you that the costlier ones are often the better ones. They don’t only come with premium quality and design but they also are equipped with add-ons such as a built-in fan so the reservoir’s water temperature can be maintained at a low degree.

#7 Cloning Machine Vs. Individual, Commercial, or Large-Scale Use

The best cloning machine is always relative to your intended purpose. Will it only be used as your personal cloning machine? Or will it be utilized for a much larger, commercial purpose.

Either way, the options that will be available depending on these purposes would also mean that your options might differ based on its availability.

For large-scale uses, two brands are only noted at the moment: the EZ clone and the Turbo Klone. For individual needs, your options are more than doubled, so choosing one won’t be limited.

The Verdict

If there is a product that you should go for in terms of the best cloning machines out there, it must be the one that just gives itself completely.

The Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine has given itself rather wholeheartedly with all its impeccable features and much-needed add-ons right from its generous 36 sites system all the way to its abundant 13 spray heads, you sure have a lot of room and space to improve on in this Clone King offering.

Did you like the post? Did it finally help you decide which entry speaks for your needs? If you have something to share or ask, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below. Until then, happy cloning!

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