Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room Review: Top 5 Picks in 2019

Some plant growers prefer growing their plants indoors which entails a meticulous process to take care of. In this process, knowing which is the best carbon filter for grow room can give you a substantial advantage.

Carbon filters are known to remarkably eliminate concerns such as accumulated odor and airborne pathogens that can affect the growth of your plants. This is one of the principal tools you must have when deciding to maintain a grow room or grow tent properly.

Having a well maintained grow room or grow tent with healthy plants is a remarkable achievement. This is all possible if you have the right tools for your grow room or grow tents proper maintenance. 

Nevertheless, there are numerous carbon filters for grow room available in the market today, and finding the best can be tricky. In this article, I will discuss my top five choices of carbon filter for grow room and also share tips on what to consider for when picking out the best.

Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room on the Market Today

With all the products offered and available in the market today, here are the top five picks I have discovered and the details about each of them.


The first item on the list is the TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter. This product is known as a heavy-duty type of filtration system that is perfect for your growing tent.

It is large, thick, and uses top-grade RC-48 Australian Virgin Charcoal carbon which professionals and experts prefer. This is because of its ability to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens as well as any lingering scents in your grow room or grow tent.

Furthermore, the TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter it also has top quality granulated carbon that are compact. This means that air is passing through is deeply filtered using these small granules of carbon.

Moreover, the TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter also has a 46mm carbon bed which is thicker compared to other brands. 

  • Uses the top grade RC-48 Charcoal Carbon
  • Machine packed 46mm Carbon bed
  • Odor elimination
  • 90-Day Warranty
  • Rated for up to 400 CFM
  • Includes 2 Machine Washable Pre-Filters
  • Pre-installed aluminum flange and base


  • Great quality and overall packing
  • Operates very effective and quiet
  • Pre-filters are a nice touch and fit snug to the filter
  • Easy to install and the odor disappeared instantly
  • Built extremely well and works great


  • Requires frequent cleaning

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Next on the list is the Amagabeli 4-inch Carbon Filter. Amagabeli is known to manufacture premium grade carbon filters and this specific product will certainly not disappoint.

The Amagabeli 4-inch Carbon Filter is equipped with an absorbent that is 1050+ IAV Australian Activated Virgin Charcoal that has a 99.8 % maximum airflow.

In addition to that, the Amagabeli 4-inch Carbon Filter also contains an inner and outer mesh which is spacious to allow increased air circulation. It also features a high-quality air scrubber which is made from a very durable aluminum material.

The Amagabeli 4-inch Carbon Filter is fitted with a washable pre-filter with velcro seams for easy mounting and installation. 

  • 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed
  • Air purifier and can eliminate odor
  • Aluminum material air scrubber
  • Washable pre-filter


  • It's quieter, cheaper and more effective than others
  • Worked fantastic so far to control the odor from the tent
  • Easy to put together and a well-made product
  • The air travels through plenty of carbon and is adequately filtered
  • This is heavy duty, professional grade, high quality, and much larger than I expected


  • It's shorter than what is expected

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Another tough contender is the Phresh 701005 Carbon Air Filter. This product is known for its durability since its top and base is made of aluminum. This means it is corrosion and rust resistant making it last longer than other products.

Furthermore, having aluminum as its material makes it lighter compared to other products. The Phresh 701005 Carbon Air Filter uses RC-48 activated and certified virgin carbon. The base is made into a cone to help promote more convenient air circulation.

Moreover, the Phresh 701005 Carbon Air Filter also features a unique Anti-Air Bypass system that produces clean and odorless air for your grow room or grow tent. This can help for your growing plant’s healthy growth.

  • 46mm (18") RC-48 activated and certified virgin carbon bed
  • Flange & pre-filter included
  • Riveted and non-movable flange
  • Unique "Anti Air Bypass" System
  • Aluminum tops and bases 


  • It nearly operates silent and does a great job
  • Calibration is very easy
  • Packaging, weight, size, and function have all been great
  • Operation and care is simple
  • It is sturdy and is effective


  • The sensor is not replaceable

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The VIVOSUN 6-inch Air Carbon Filter is another strong contender on the list. This product features the highly absorbent 1050+ RC-48 Australian virgin charcoal. This material is preferred by professionals because it is very effective in getting rid of odors.

This product also contains a machine packed carbon granules that allow maximum airflow and filtration. In addition to that, the VIVOSUN 6-inch Air Carbon Filter features a reversible base and flange which can extend its service life for another 2 years.

Furthermore, this product can remarkably serve as an exhaust filter and an intake filter. It also gives you more options for installation. It can be installed as carbon filter and fan outside, carbon filter and fan inside, filter inside while the fan is outside, and fan inside while the filter is outside. 

  • 1050+ RC 48 machine packed Australian virgin charcoal bed
  • Effective Odor Control
  • Changeable Velcro Pre-filter
  • Inner and outer mesh


  • Seems well made and appears to work as it should
  • Nice build, solid construction, and great pre-filter installed
  • Does a great job and is easy to use
  • Durable and affordable gear
  • All smells gone with this filter


  • Some of its parts are prone to be easily damaged

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The fifth and final product is the iPower GLFILT 4-inch Air Carbon Filter. It features the 1050+ IAV Australian RC-412 Australian activated virgin carbon. It has a base and a flange that is reversible which extends its service life to another 1.5 years adding to its durability as well.

This also helps in protecting the filter from being damaged. Furthermore, the iPower GLFILT 4-inch Air Carbon Filter is also equipped with an odor control scrubber that enhances its performance when it comes to filtering the air.

It also has a carbon bed that is 50mm thick which makes it highly capable of absorbing undesirable fumes and chemicals. Lastly, it is made of a very durable material which is aluminum.

  • 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 Activated Carbon
  • Reversible flange and base
  • Pre-Filter included
  • Odor control


  • Thicker and more durable
  • Included a dust filter
  • It moves plenty of air in small grow room
  • Noise level is minimal
  • The length is perfect


  • Having a challenge in filtering very overpowering smells

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All You Need to Know about Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are purposely created to control the odor inside a grow room or a grow tent. Be that as it may, it does not stop there, they also are designed to eliminate pathogens by breaking them down into harmless states.

This often happens inside a grow room and there is an accumulation of harmful or toxic chemicals in the air that carbon filters ultimately takes care of. Plant growers or farmers will sometimes eventually use spray pesticides, fertilizers, and nutrients to their plants.

Nonetheless, these substances have their specific odors and most of them are deemed unpleasant. With that said, the accumulated smell can expectedly create a very pungent scent that can be removed using a carbon filter.

In addition to that, these combinations of different chemicals and substances not only develop a very unpleasant smell, they can also produce harmful fumes that are not helpful to your growing plants. This is when the carbon filter is also used for. 

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room

When picking out the best carbon filter for grow room, you have to look into some critical factors. This will assist you in having an idea of which product is best for you.

1. Durable

Like many other tools that you intend to purchase, durability is a big factor to consider. Durable tools can last longer which can save you the hassle and cost of having them fixed or even replaced in the future.

When looking for the ideal carbon filter, make sure that its top, base, and flange are made from durable materials. The best options for this are aluminum. The reason being so, is that aluminum is known to be corrosion and rust resistant making tools made using it highly durable.

2. Compact

Another crucial factor you need to look into is how compact the carbon filter is. Being compact simply refers to how tightly packed the carbon granules are. The primary purpose of carbon filters is to deeply and thoroughly filters the air.

In order to effectively do that, the carbon granules should be packed tightly enough for air to flow through easily but at the same time be filtered as well. Having a compact carbon filter also makes it less noisy since there will be less vibration while it operates.

3. Size

Of course, size is another important factor. You need to make sure to get the right size of the carbon filter that will fit or match to the prerequisite components.

Prior to setting it up, make sure to take note of the specific size of the carbon filter that the exhaust system, air conditioning system or even the lighting system needs.

4. Thickness

Finally, you also need to look into the thickness of the carbon filter. The thicker the carbon filter means it contains more carbon. Having more carbon means the passing air would have to go through more layers for it to be filtered more efficiently.

And this is vital to all carbon filters. Be that as it may, this also means that the thicker the carbon bed is, the more costly it can be. 

The Verdict

These products are undeniably the top choices among the rest of the carbon filter for grow room offered in the market now. Together with the tips, I have shared on what to consider when picking out which is the best, you can now opt for one that will be perfect for your use.

However, subjectively, I will recommend the TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter. Despite the requirement of frequent cleaning, this product clearly offers all major factors that are vital to being the best carbon filter for grow room. 

First is that it features the highly absorbent and top-grade RC-48 Australian virgin charcoal carbon. These substances are known to effectively eliminate various fumes in the air.

It also has a 46mm carbon bed that contains top quality granulated carbon that is machine packed to ensure that it is compact enough to achieve maximum efficiency when it comes to filtration. With all these features, the TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter is indisputably a remarkable product.

Did you like this post? Did you have any other questions in mind? Did you find this article helpful in choosing the best carbon filter for grow room in the market?

If you have anything to add or share, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below.

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