Best Cantilever Umbrella – Top 5 Products Review 2019

A well-maintained patio always comes with a stable umbrella. If you’re still dealing with an umbrella that gets flown off at even the slightest hint of wind, then it’s time for you to reconsider some replacement — one viable way to restore it is by going for the best cantilever umbrella.

This umbrella doesn’t only provide stability and more shade to you but ultimately makes your patio even more centered and attractive. So, if you’ve come here to get some help narrowing down your search to the best cantilever umbrellas out there, you’ve come to right place!

I’ve identified five cantilever umbrellas that will surely knock your socks in more ways than one. These entries have all been tested with flying colors and have ended up in virtually all the top lists in the market now. Let’s get down now with our reviews

Best Cantilever Umbrella Today

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The shade that comes with it is guaranteed to be enjoyed all-day long as Le Papillon’s entry operates under an offset design and 360 degrees rotation features.

The 10-ft diameter cantilever patio umbrella trails the sun and gives an abundant shade right on any outdoor settings than owning a market table umbrella. If your residential and commercial locations have gardens, pools, or restaurants, this one is worth your look.

Le Papillon’s design is both durable and weather-resistant — a 1.9” high-quality stand pole that is armed with eight robust steel ribs that come with a coffee-rust free powder-coated finish.

Its operation also boasts of easy features like the Easy Open Lift mechanism that allows users to open and extend it in one motion.

Meanwhile, the 100 percent polyester fabric is fade-resistant which also assures you of up to 98 percent of UV protection. The fabric is also laden with "color fastness" that lasts for staggering 1000 hours.

  • Height: 10 ft.
  • Material: Polyester Fabric


  • Features Easy Open Lift system
  • Comes with simple slider mechanism for easier angling
  • Made of 100 percent polyester fabric
  • Easy-to-clean; mold and mildew resistant
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces


  • Construction is made of 70 percent plastic
  • Pole is oval-shaped; might not fit in universal standards

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Abba Patio’s 11-feet offset cantilever umbrella is made to withstand the wear and tear of its daily use. From its polyester fabric material, the high-sun resistance, down to its easy-to-clean and fade-resistant, this product is definitely made to last.

The item comes with 11’ diameter-shade square dining tables and 72-inch oval and rectangular tables that go with six to eight chairs. Chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion are expected to be prevented as it is equipped with an aluminum pole and eight, bronze powder-coated, steel ribs.

This umbrella opens and closes easily; it comes with a crank lifting system along with a five-position vertical tilt function. Maintaining it is already a breeze as the storage cover is included.


  • Height: 11 ft
  • Material: Polyester fabric


  • Sun-proof, fade-resistant polyester fabric
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Comes with air vent for provision of basic wind and heat venting
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces
  • Offer multiple tilts
  • Aluminum-made pole


  • Weights are not includes
  • The center that holds all the poles is made of plastic

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If you’re especially particular with how your cantilever umbrellas blend well in a spacial and aesthetic sense, then the Grand Patio’s entry might very well suit this need. The Deluxe Napoli Edition’s stylish design has a robust, aluminum main frame and powder-coated main pole.

The large-sized, 10 ft PU double-coated patio umbrella is also equipped with deluxe water and fade resistance along with UV protection and a canopy with air vent.

Grand Patio’s stand comes with wheels under its base, so if you’re fond of moving it to different spots in your outdoor space, this one is for you. And once it is set, you can just set it with the safety bar that is hidden right under its base.


  • Height: 10 ft
  • Material: Aluminum, Polyester


  • Stylish design
  • Comes with robust aluminum frame
  • Deluxe water-resistance; fade-resistant canopy with air vent
  • With wheels under its base for mobility
  • Safety bar for safety and stability
  • Easy to open and close; handle and crank lift system includes


  • May not weather winds that are beyond 4mph

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Are you looking for an ideal way to relax right by your poolside or the beach? Do you like it light and free? If so, the Cloud Mountain’s attractive and light design might be just for you. The 10ft impeccable design has an adjustable opening angle to keep the user cool and comfortable.

The comfort continues with its easy opening and closing that is generated by its crank and the cantilever itself. The product’s base has to be secured with patio blocks or sandbags so it won’t get nudged or wobbly.

Likewise, sturdiness is expected to be experienced as the product comes with an iron tube with a pole that is powder-coated. The umbrella also comes with a waterproof polyester fabric and a steel-bottom frame to keep everything in place.


  • Height: 10 ft
  • Material: Polyester fabric


  • 10 ft height comes with a coverage of 90 square feet of shade
  • Iron tube for pole; waterproof fabric for umbrella
  • Crank operation for easy use and storage
  • Especially ideal if used by the beach or pool
  • Attractive and light design


  • Fabric fades easily
  • Doesn’t crank open quickly

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Your cantilever umbrella’s protection is guaranteed off the bat with the product’s efficient features: sun-proofing, UV-blocking, water-repellent, along with the anti-fade system. If you’re looking for one that speaks volume in this segment, Sundale Outdoor’s the one to beat.

Meanwhile, the 100 percent polyester canopy material and the durable aluminum pole with powder-coated finish are also included.

Further stability is promised with the product’s 1.5mm thickness right in its aluminum pole. Its crank lifting mechanism should allow you to open and close it easily. Versatility and mobility are also in the mix with the item’s 5-position vertical tilt function.


  • Height: 10 ft
  • Material: Polyester canopy


  • Ideal for outdoor dining tables, conversation seating, pool, beach, or any patio area
  • 100 percent polyester canopy
  • Protection efficiency guaranteed; comes with sun-proof, UV-blocker, and anti-fade capability
  • Extra 1.5mm thick aluminum pole for more stability
  • Easy opening, closing with crank lifting system


  • Base may be a little flimsy for some to use
  • Construction is not that sturdy

A Quick Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Cantilever Umbrella

Just like all products in the marketplace, there are known features to look into when you’re choosing the right cantilever umbrella for your patio or garden. They are as follows:

#1 Material

The materials that are used for cantilever umbrellas range from polyester to ones that are made of solution-dyed fabric and Olefin.

For instance, there are umbrellas that come with Sunbrella fabrics that provide UV (Ultraviolet) protection; they are also known for their resistance to fading when it is exposed in the sun. These fabrics are ideal for those people who want to place a shade on their kids when they are out playing.

Most materials that manufacturers used on these umbrellas are not that expensive. As such, it is suggested that you go for products that are worth your money and protection. You really can’t put a price on your family’s protection especially if it’s from the sun’s often hazardous effects from its rays.

#2 Shape and Design

Otherwise known as offset umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas can be purchased in a variety of shapes. Your alternatives range from rectangular, circular, hexagonal, and down to octagonal shapes.

On the other hand, the design of your choice will always boil down right to your preference. When it comes to it, think how the design will blend well with the overall décor of your garden or if you have a pool, try to go with that umbrella which will complement its hue.

#3 Height

Do you find extra taller umbrellas a bit of a stretch? Do shorter umbrellas make you uncomfortable or is it just enough for you? These are some of the questions you should look into when trying to very which umbrella height will fit your spacial needs.

Cantilever umbrellas’ average height is standing anywhere from nine to 11 feet; this range of height is reserved for those with personal needs. In contrast, commercial umbrellas’ height exceeds 15 feet.

When ascertaining the need for this information, it is important to note where you’ll place your umbrella. Analyze the space and boundaries of this location as it would be pointless to purchase something that may be too big or too small for a space.

As a general rule, the taller your umbrella is, the thicker it should be so it can set itself on the ground firmly.

#4 The Base and Stand

Your umbrella’s stand plays a significant role when it comes to choosing the best one out there. The stand will determine if it could prevent it from being toppled down. As such, this feature should not be disregarded.

Meanwhile, your safest bet when it comes to its base is to choose those umbrellas that weight for at least 30 pounds. The base has to be heavy enough so it could hold the entire umbrella right in its place.

#5 Cost

Your budget will entirely dictate not only the shape of the umbrella but its overall design and base as well. Remember that bigger umbrellas often come with pricier tags and if you’re gunning after that price point, you should be prepared to shell out extra bucks.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Cantilever Umbrellas Safe (and Long-Lasting!)

I cannot stress enough the importance of securing the base of your cantilever umbrella. This should be observed strictly to veer your loved ones away from potential danger or accident.

  • For locations that are especially windy, your umbrella’s stand should be placed firmly right on the ground; if the base seems to be wobbling against the wind, the base might not be too heavy enough to withstand such force.
  • Expensive or not, you’d want the best out of your money. Therefore, it is important to take care of your cantilever umbrella. The only crucial add-on that you need to have to maintain the life of your umbrella is by having an umbrella cover. Once you have that, you’re all set!
  • During winter months, find a location that is dry enough like a secure garage, basement, and attic. Make certain that you avoid areas which breed of dampness and wet weather as these can affect the quality and smell of your umbrellas. Store these umbrellas with a laying down or standing up positions.

Also, ensure that when you store them, they should be placed away from objects that may bend, misshape, or damage them inadvertently. Place them in a secluded, dry place to make sure that once the spring comes, your umbrellas are up and ready too.

The Verdict

I absolutely adore a product that comes both with style and substance. An absence from one of these just doesn’t work for me. The Grand Patio’s entry on our list exemplifies that both components can be present all at the same time.

From its aesthetics that should easily fascinate those with keen eyes for design down to its sturdy pole, cantilever, and ribs — this eye candy doesn’t disappoint!

Did the article help you in finding the best cantilever umbrella? Did the Grand Patio’s entry deserve its spot? If you have anything to share, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below! Until then, have a blast with your new umbrella!

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