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Hello Everyone!

The scent of the flowers, the green meadows, the fruits of labor, all these things made me appreciate gardening. Just like you, I love the soil and anything that is associated with it. Gardening was a passion that began when I started my own family five years ago. Although my wife and I didn't have any gardening background but we loved the idea of growing our organic food.

I can still remember the first crop that I planted and how refreshing it was to see something grow. Gardening had taught me to cherish all things which grow and that concept always resonated with me. Another reason that made me love gardening is the idea of seeing life at work. From planting the seed, nurturing it with water and sunlight, I saw it blossomed and grew. That experience really stayed with and through the years, my passion did not wane out.

The contentment and happiness that embrace me every time I plant are immeasurable. Since then, I spent countless hours learning anything about gardening. I admit that there were ups and downs along the way, but the journey was truly worth it.

This blog is dedicated to providing you the essentials of gardening that my wife and I have gained over the years. Everything from our best gardening tools to effective steps on how to protect the garden and so much more. Even though I am busy at work, I can still feel the land calling me which is why I wanted to encourage others to pursue their passion for gardening.​

Plant, grow and learn with me every step of the way.

-- Dan Harris --​