Free Slots For Facebook

If you are looking for free slotomania coins for Facebook members you may not have a lot of luck. There are a couple of ways to get these bonuses, but none of them seem to work very well. In fact the only way that I have found that seems to work is by going through the casino’s Facebook page and adding yourself as a fan.

free slotomania coins for facebook

This might sound like a bad idea, but if the casino has not given you coins on Facebook yet then they are probably planning to. Once you become a fan you can go to their Facebook page and sign up for free. This will entitle you to coins when they run out. The downside here is that Facebook slots are not the best slot machines on the internet, so if you want to win big jackpots you will have to play other slot games.

To make this method work, you will need to add yourself as a fan to as many Facebook accounts as you can. You will also need to create a new Facebook ID and include your casino software. Once you have done this you will need to create a new group. Within the group, create a name for the group and include a URL to your website or blog. Some examples of good id’s are “best pokies real” and “your casino free”.

On each individual Facebook page go to settings and create a fan page. On the page, create a link to your website or blog with the URL you posted in the “add as friend” window. You should then wait for players to log in and add themselves to your group. Once they do, you can then start playing at the “add to my friends” link on your casino’s Facebook page.

This is a great way to get free slotomania coins for Facebook, because you are able to offer people the opportunity to try your slot machines for free, then at the same time give them information about the casino itself. I have personally received several messages from Facebook users asking about free slot machines, and even some that wanted to play at my casino. These players gave me all kinds of information about the casino and the machines they were interested in. I even got a player that wanted to trade me a slot machine for a birthday gift. Since I have taken the time to include my casino information on each individual Facebook page and encourage players to visit the website, I have not only had several offers to play, but players have also donated money to my casino account as well.

Slotomania is a very fun online casino game that gives you a chance to win real money. I encourage all of the players that are interested in playing slot machines for free to check out this website. If you are looking for a way to make some free cash, the free slots can help you achieve just that.

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